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Global companies around the world are competing to improve their manufacturing competitiveness.

The demand for innovation, shorter Product Life Cycle and customized products is increasing more than ever. The SMIC(Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center) is an organization that offers R&D programs, demonstration, testing, and trainings. Global leading smart factory companies and institutions are collaborating with the SMIC (Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center) to find solutions for future smart manufacturing. We are working together to realize the values of innovation, collaboration, and transformation for smart manufacturing.

KETI SMIC71, Changi-daero, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea

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Floor Plan

  • 01Inspection Robotized System
  • 02Machine Tending Testbed
  • 03Machining Process Digital Twin
  • 04Machine Tending Cobot Testbed
  • 05Precision Additive Manufacturing Hybrid System
  • 06TSN Testbed
  • 07Smart Predictive Maintenance System
  • 08Seminar Room
  • 09Smart Logistics Control System
  • 10Robot Milling&Polishing Testbed
  • 11SMIC Operation Center/
    Digital Twin Control Room
  • 123D Precision Measuring Room
  • 13Smart Workbench
  • 14Smart Manufacturing AI System
  • 15Flexible Manufacturing System
  • 16Metaverse Manufacturing Environment
  • 17Precision Machines
  • 18Smart Manufacturing Testbed/
    Flexible Manufacturing Line
  • 19Seminar Room

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