Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center
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Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center


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Manufacturing Innovation

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Since 2015, SMIC (Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center) has been providing the key direction for digital transformation of manufacturing through R&D programs, training and consulting services.

SMIC is an open research lab and a demonstration platform that operates a demo-factory and provides a testbed for testing and evaluating emerging technologies such as Digital Twin, AI, Private 5G, and IoT.

SMIC is closely aligned with the field and ready to offer a various testbed such as modular process automation testbed, manufacturing process module and its core part evaluation system and digital twin solutions to domestic manufacturers.

  • Path to Smart Factory
  • Role of SMIC

The Demo-Line that contains the best solutions SMIC is working together with domestic and international suppliers to develop a demo-factory consisting of the best solutions. In addition, SMIC also supports interoperability testing and certification based on industrial-standard and tries to build an open environment for technology testing through foundational solutions that consider the entire process “Design-Production-Distribution".

  • Deployment Support

    • Manufacturing Digital Transformation Consulting
    • Anchor Company Manufacturing Innovation Support
    • Digital Cluster Industry
    • Innovation Data Center (AI Subscription Services)
  • R&D

    연구 개발
    연구 개발
  • Infrastructure & Human Resource Development

    인프라 & 인력양성
    인프라 & 인력양성
    Technical Training Programs

Open Innovation Support Center for OT + IT Convergence

  • Modular Process Automation Testbed
    Digital Manufacturing Process Testbed based on Interoperability
    IT-OT Integrated Data Management
  • Data Center for AI Analysis and Manufacturing Data Storage
    Network Integration based on 5G and TSN (Time Sensitive Network)
    Manufacturing Data Collection and AI/Big Data Analysis Service
    through the ZEZO platform
  • Key Demonstration Technology
    AI-based Product Inspection
    Interactive Control System
    Industrial 5G
    Digital Twin Products
    High-capacity, High-speed Process Data Analysis
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  • Address 705, Haean-ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • TEL +82-31-498-7161