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Welcome to Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center.

The economy and industry of the world is taking note to the 4th industrial revolution as a new growth engine.
Every country in the world, including advanced countries, are preparing for the actual 4th industrial revolution to be competitive in manufacturing.
To adopt Smart Factory, which is going to be the competitiveness for future manufacturing, SMIC is building future factory model, integrated with the best smart manufacturing technologies.
SMIC suggests the direction of future Smart Factory, using manufacturing core technology.

Path to Smart Factory

Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center is co-developing demo-line, using the best solutions selected from domestic and global supplying companies.
We also provide solutions based on Smart Factory and intercompatibility verification based on standards. building base solution considering 'design-production-distribution', to build environment for technical tests.

Level1: Smart devices, big data, track assets, standardization, training. Level2: Smart machines, Smart products, Smart processing. Level3: Smart Factory.

Under these conditions, Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center is aiming for building advanced smart factory, which is going to connect from 'virtual production' to 'actual production'.
Role of Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center

Role of Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center

Smart factory technology cooperation nurtures professional personnel in enterprises that need demand

We work with leading supplying companies to validate and test the Enale technologies required for Smart Factory, and share Smart Factory references required by manufacturing companies.